Work with me

I offer an integrated treatment model which includes classical homeopathy as well as natural self-care methods.

Why? I believe that, alongside the homeopathic treatment, sometimes astonishingly simple steps can free up blockages that prevent our organism from getting onto the road to good health.

My endeavour is to aid each client to find the path back to their intrinsic health – a model which encourages you to own your responsibility for what goes on in your body and processes of consciousness.

In addition to my homeopathic prescription, and if you are interested, I will prepare a natural self-care protocol suited to your needs, which you can start at home.

If you feel you need some support and guidance in implementing the natural self-care, we can arrange to work together for a period of six months in which we meet fortnightly. Alongside the observation of the homeopathic progress I will be your close support in your undertaking of shifting old and chronic patterns that prevent your body and soul from healing. The six month agreement gives me a real chance to work things out at a deeper level. It gives you my firm support throughout this time.

Children often react to the homeopathic prescription very quickly, but for certain problems I will also work with some of the self-care methods. For example, the alkaline bathing can be very beneficial for an overall balancing of the system in children as well as adults.

I am really looking forward to working with you!

First consultation

The first consultation takes up to two hours. During this time we will talk about your symptoms, their very special nature, your life, your dreams, what you love, what you don’t love, your sorrows and passions. It is very important for me to come to understand what kind of person you are. I aim to form a profile of your personality that will point me in the right direction of what it is you need homeopathically at this point in time. I will take into consideration your past medical history, family history and anything that may seem important for me to come to know you better. When working with children, depending on their age, I will often ask them to draw pictures or observe them playing with toys or with a sand tray.

After the consultation I will work on the information and then prescribe a remedy that will be sent out to you from Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy.

If we agree that it will it aid your process of healing and you are interested, you will also receive an email with an individual protocol for your natural self-care which you can start at home.

If you feel at any time during or after the consultation that you need my support to really integrate your natural self-care into your life, we can look at the six month agreement.


Follow-ups last for an hour. We will look at what has and hasn’t changed and assess the action of the remedy. If you decided to include some natural self-care into your healing journey we will check in on your progress and explore possible blockages more deeply.

If the follow-up is a part of our six month agreement, we will focus on your progress and work on overcoming any blockages or resistances you may be experiencing, and work step-by-step towards their resolution.

First consultation adult

The first consultation for an adult takes up to two hours and costs £90. The remedies are sent directly to you by Helios Pharmacy, at cost.

Follow-up adult

The follow-up for an adult takes one hour and costs £50. The remedies are sent directly to you by Helios Pharmacy, at cost.

First consultation child

The first consultation for a child up to fourteen years takes one hour and a half and costs £70. The remedies are sent directly to you by Helios Pharmacy, at cost.

Follow-up child

The follow-up for a child takes up to one hour and costs £40. The remedies are sent directly to you by Helios Pharmacy, at cost.

Please note that consultations at the Apthorp Centre, Bath, are subject to a surcharge of £10/hr.