Alkaline bathing

Alkaline bathing, natural detox bathing

The idea of alkaline bathing derives from the central European folk traditions of raising immunity and well-being by the use of natural detox methods. These are holistic methods that do not require the intake of any kind of substances or medicines, but that simply allow and facilitate the body to let go of toxins via the emunctory (= waste-removing) organs, such as the skin, the bowels and the urinary system.

Alkaline bathing works by osmosis. Maybe you remember this process from biology and chemistry. It’s the process by which molecules of a solvent will pass through a semi-permeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one.

While lying in the alkaline bath (water + base salts) the pH levels in your skin and inter-cellular tissue are more acidic (around pH6) than those in the bathwater (around pH8.5). The tiny particles of metabolic waste will naturally pass through the pores of your skin into the water in order to establish equilibrium.

Letting go is the keyword here – especially if you feel a natural desire or need to purify your body, be that as part of an underlying chronic condition you wish to heal, or simply for good maintenance. The soothing quality of regular alkaline baths will encourage the flushing and release of metabolic waste and support the ongoing activities of your organism to maintain balance.

During our time together we can explore how this works. It’s simple and effective and there are a lot of ways in which to use this method at home as another step on your journey to getting better.