German postage stamp depicting Samuel Hahnemann, ‘Helper of mankind’

Homeopathy is a powerful system of natural medicine that has been practised for the last two hundred years. It was founded by the great German chemist and doctor, Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843).

Homeopathy works on both the physical and inner levels. It addresses you as an individual person and takes into account who you are and how you live your life, as well as your physical health.

Dr Rüdiger Dahlke, medical doctor and psychotherapist and co-author of the famous book The Healing Power of Illness, writes:

‘Homeopathy and its view of the world are diametrically opposite to the conventional medical system and its outlook. It delivers the spiritual and mental basis for a truly alternative medicine. The aim of homeopathy is not to fight the symptom by the use of the opposite, but to become an ally of the symptom and to support it with something similar that ultimately introduces a missing principle into the life of the patient.’

Observed in this way, our symptoms become the language of our body and soul, an independent intelligence that informs us about our state of being and offers new direction. Homeopathy views the symptoms as part of an inseparable whole and at the core of its philosophy sees the illness or imbalance as a messenger from our system that is giving us direction for change.

Our medicines are remedies in which the original substance is removed by being diluted, sucussed and potentised (a homeopathic procedure of shaking and moving the molecular structure of the substance, see The resulting remedies are therefore not material in nature, but energetic and freed of their physicality, corresponding with what Hahnemann called the ‘vital force’ – that which animates us all, but is not visible to us.

Here is a interesting explanation of homeopathy by one of my former teachers, Dr Rajan Sankaran.

My experience is that when I am able to determine a remedy that is very similar to your symptomatology and your individual energy field, two entities overlap; blockages and old patterns can cease to exist, and healing will naturally and gently commence. This is the homeopathic principle ‘Like cures like’.