Conscious breathing has an impact on our body and soul.  It is a source of strength, healing and self-knowledge.

You might think: ’Breathing? I do that all the time!’. But – when do you breathe deeply and consciously?

Respiration is the only system of our organism that we can directly influence. We cannot interfere with the beating of our heart or the processes of our kidneys in the way we can influence our breathing. We can slow the breath down or speed it up in fractions of a second. The impact it has on our system is immediate and profound.

By making the time to breathe deeply and consciously in your life, you can give healing support to yourself and also to any part of your body that you choose.

There are several simple techniques which you may know from yoga, meditation or other Eastern practices which we can explore and include in your individual healing journey, if you wish.

I would like to invite you to listen to your breathing and attend to your story unfolding.