Fasting and detoxing into the summmer. 30 June – 06 July 2019 – This will be such a great time for a de-tox and fast. I am so looking forward to go on this journey with you and with the support of our group. We will make the most of it in the warm time of the year when the body is really ready to let go! 

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Fasting is a natural form of self-care. Eating and fasting belong together like sleeping and waking, breathing in and breathing out. The natural rhythm of life holds both polar opposites and we live in a continuous movement between these patterns.

As civilisation has developed, this truth has been forgotten and the periods of fasting began to shorten. Today we are surrounded by an overflow of food everywhere and in all its forms. Eating or snacking seems to be an almost permanent state of being – but we have not become healthier or happier.

Hellmut Lützner MD, Germany’s foremost fasting consultant and author of popular fasting books, describes it as ‘the most effective and least harmful method for weight loss, detox and cleansing in general’. In a recent interview he stated that every adult should seriously think about including fasting in their daily lives.

When we are fasting we not only cleanse our body, give it rest and downtime; we also have the opportunity to ‘listen in‘ to ourselves. We find space and can observe and evaluate from a fresh starting point.

Fasting means no intake of solids. It has nothing to do with being hungry or starving yourself. It is not deprivation or lack of. It is not eating less or counting calories and you definitely do not need to be religious. Rather it is the conscious decision of an independent person having a free choice. It allows your body and mind a period of rest, recuperation and, most importantly, repair.

I personally like to fast with clear warm organic vegetable broth, some people prefer clear organic juice or only water. There are various tried and tested options but the bottom line is, we can find out what works best for you!

You will need to learn the gentle protocol of therapeutic fasting and I would like to metaphorically hold your hand and be your support and back up when you are going through a tough time or when you want to share your joyous discoveries with me. With the aid of my homeopathic knowledge of the body and organ systems we can explore tried tricks and methods to overcome some of the physical or emotional blockages you will come up against.