The inner healer

‘Contrary to conventional opinion, illness is not some quirk of nature you have to fight. A truer understanding of illness actually helps you stay healthier’.

Our illnesses and imbalances inform us about our state of being and are never accidental. This is an underlying truth in any holistic approach to health and disease. ‘Listening in’ and really hearing the messages that our body and soul give out is a form of intelligence often neglected by us.

Attending to ourselves is not something we generally learn in our society. It requires a non-confrontational attitude to our system and an open heart and mind that willingly enters into conversation.

I feel very passionate about this concept. I have seen in my practice that when people come into healing they are indeed able to make a connection with their suffering, to acknowledge it; and by doing so, the problem removes itself into the background.

To read the early signs and warnings of our body requires an intrinsic relationship with ourself and gives us the possibility to live in greater harmony.

I’m convinced we can all develop an inner healer. Our knowledge will come in good time, our body and soul will reward us for the attention we pay to their needs.