Colon cleanse

‘The majority of our immune system (about 80%) is located in the gut.’ This quote comes from the highly entertaining and illuminating book GUT by the medical microbiologist Giulia Enders MD.

The small and large intestine holds the key to our health and needs looking after per se and in particular if your digestive system is your ‘stress barometer’, as it is in my case for example!

I came across many people in my practice over the years with troubles in that area on top of their other problems. In some cases the digestion maybe too sluggish or too loose, or the patient may suffer from IBS or any of the widespread bowel disorders. The solution is rarely easy and requires a good look at all the underlying causes.

We overeat, we eat the wrong foods, mix the wrong ingredients. As a society we have developed strong sensitivities to gluten and lactose amongst others. Stress and exhaustion of the nervous system is adding to the situation.

The answer is really very simple but also seems to be very difficult for us all: give your digestion a rest, let the inflammation calm down, cleanse the colon with water (colonic douches in the privacy of your bathroom). After the rest period you can start again with simple, wholesome food combinations in order to revive the intestinal flora. At that stage the intake of pro- and prebiotics may be a very good idea.

There are many pills and potions available, whether from holistic or conventional sources, and they often promise to clean it all out. In my experience the success will be short lived – and on top of that expensive and maybe even harmful.

Remember, health is restored from the inside out and not from the outside in. If your colon has buildup of rubbish that you accumulated over the years, it needs gentle cleansing before any treatment can reach its destination.

This is not expensive and you don’t need to check into a celebrity spa either! It is, as are all the natural self-care methods presented on my website, up to you and your intention to establish some gentle discipline in your life that you can use as an anchor in many situations.

During a fast and colon cleanse it is really essential to give the colon a gentle douche. There are some safe and easy kits available and I can talk you through the process. Although you might not think that at first sight, it is a very cleansing and rewarding experience. Especially if you have suffered from lots of aches and pains in that area, the first home irrigation can make a dramatic difference.