Water is essential for our body and all our bodily functions. It has the wonderful ability to take up matter that is not needed any more (ie the byproducts of our metabolism), and to eliminate them via our kidneys and urinary tract.

A person of average weight should drink more than two litres of water every day. This means plain water not tea or coffee, herbal teas, fizzy drinks, alcohol etc.

If you ask yourself how much water you really drink in a day (please, take the time to measure it for a couple of days!) you may be surprised by what you find out.

Water is the essential prerequisite for the success of any therapy.  It is a gift to us that we need as much as we need oxygen. There are many ways in which to harness the power of water.

You, and only you, can change your personal intake of water. Let’s talk about water and how you could introduce the necessary amount easily and effectively into your day-to-day life.