Day 1 : 16/8 fasting over 24 hours

We will stop eating on Sunday 20 January between 6 and 8 pm for 16 hours. Most of this time we’re asleep, which eases you into the challenge!

Fasting intermittently on a 16 hour basis means that in this mode we do not eat or take in any nutrients (that includes, alcohol, soft drinks, tea or coffee with milk and sugar etc.) for 16 hours and we eat in a window of 8 hours. It’s simple, we just drop a meal!

For example: You could choose to stop eating at 7pm. After that, you can only drink water or herbal teas. So you can start eating again from 11am the next day. In the following 8 hours you can eat and drink whatever you like.

Except, for the purpose of this week I am going to ask you to stay on a mainly plant based diet, avoiding any processed sugars, coffee and alcohol.

Day 2: 16/8 fasting over 24 hours

In the next 24 hours we are going to be in the same mode as the previous day.

You’ll be getting helpful information from me all the way through. You can be in touch with me on our WhatsApp group throughout this week and I am really happy to support you in whatever way you need. Furthermore, if you would like you can join me online in the evenings between 8-9pm.

Day 3: Buchinger fasting mode

On Day 3 we are getting serious and will stop eating solid food. Instead of eating in our 8 hour window you will be preparing a fasting broth (all recipes and directions will be emailed to you on booking the course, so that you can purchase everything you need) which will be your lunch and dinner for Day 3. This is simple and easy stuff and takes about 15 minutes to make.

On the Buchinger fasting days we drink only still water and herbal teas. People with low blood pressure can choose to have a weakish cup of black tea in the morning and afternoon.

I will support you with information on how to deal with possible lows in this fasting phase, especially if you are working at the same time.

Day 4: Buchinger fasting mode

On Day 4 we will remain in the Buchinger mode. For this period we will learn how to prepare a fasting juice, as I want you to be able to appreciate a ‘warm’ as well as a ‘cold fast’. This is really a matter of personal choice and going through the different options will give you better knowledge on how to fast, on your own, in the future.

On Day 4 the benefits of the detox will come to light in a more obvious way. It can be a very interesting and fulfilling time mentally and emotionally.  Giving the digestive system a full rest allows the processes of the mind to regain clarity and spaciousness.

Day 5: Buchinger fasting mode or back to 16/8 to build up into eating

Now, here it comes: so far in my courses I offered the participants 2 days of Buchinger fasting. This time round I would like to offer a dual route experience.

If you really liked the Buchinger days and want to stretch yourself for one more day, you can stay on the Buchinger fast for Day 5 too.

If you feel, ‘OK, I am giving myself a pat on the back but would like to revert back to the 16/8 method and build up into eating again’, you can choose that instead. I will coach you through either method.

Remember… this is not a competition! All you need to do is listen in and choose what feels good for you.

If you decided to build up into eating again, you will start to eat at 10 am on Day 5.  All the instructions on what to eat will be in my booking email.

If you decided to stay in Buchinger mode, you can choose if you fast on warm broth or cold juice.

Day 6: 16/8 build up into eating

On Day 6, depending on your previous day’s fasting mode, we will gently build up into eating whilst staying in the 16/8 mode.

Day 7: whatever takes your fancy!!

For the participants who were taking the 16/8 route from Day 5, the fast has come to an end and it’s a day to look back at the week and to reflect on how this was for you.

You can eat normally again, which, speaking from my own experience you will do carefully and selectively. Firstly because your taste buds have become super-sensitive and secondly because your body will tell you!

For those who chose the Buchinger route on Day 5, it will be another day of gently building up to eating normally again while sticking to the 16/8 method.

I am so looking forward to lead you through this week and you will experience that this is really a matter of consciousness rather than effort.

I have worked and fasted – parented and fasted – yoga’d and fasted – dog walked and fasted! It is all possible and on top of this immensely rewarding, a boost of confidence and a true body /mind experience.